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Welcome to the world of wood.

Welcome to the world of wood.

We import semi-finished wood from densely forested Beskids areas and the Ukrainian Carpathians, which are subsequently, processed using modern technologies.

We offer only high quality wood products at a bargain price.


Who are we?

We are a young developing company settled in the east of Slovakia in Sobrance. Currently we have six full-time employees.

Why we have chosen wood trade?

This natural material simply charmed us with its beauty, fragrance and endless possibilities of processing. Wood has been used for thousands of years as a building material for houses, bridges, fences, barns and furniture.

But in the last decade, alternative building materials began to gain importance in the market due to environmental protection, durability and misconceptions about the consequences of building timber.

The fact is that untreated wood has a much more positive contribution to the environment than other building materials. It is completely biodegradable, cost effective, aesthetic and serves as a great insulator. Woodworking is much less energy intensive and leaves so much lower carbon footprint than the processing of steel, concrete, aluminum or plastic, and moreover it is 100 % renewable.

Wood is simply wood.